‘Doppelgänger's’ is the concept for THEANIMALS™ Resort 2023 campaign photo shoot. The idea explores how people and their pets often share similar physical and even behavioural characteristics, which can become more apparent as their relationship deepens over time.

THEANIMALS™ was created to celebrate the relationship between pets and their owners with runway inspired fashion pieces that look as great on humans as they do on animals. We like to say that the THEANIMALS™ is ‘species-fluid’, unbound by conventions of gender or species. We work with designers and manufacturers to craft pieces that you wouldn’t usually expect to find for your pet.

With the ‘doppelgängers’ concept in place, the search began to find humans and animals that matched. Shoot day came together like a military operation. Six canine models (all scheduled to arrive at different times to avoid play-time distractions), four human models, Australia’s leading fashion photographer, stylist and hair and makeup team, an animal handler, a dog groomer, a dog concierge and six proud dog parents. Please enjoy some of the behind the scenes fun from the shoot.


It’s shoot day! French Bulldog Dusty is first to arrive

Mason is excited to meet his doppelgänger, Bella the Cocker Spaniel

Afghan Zeni arrives. “Glamour never takes a day off”

Here’s Hayek the Weimaraner arriving with his entourage


Dusty strikes a pose

The Glam Squad are here for Saffron the Groodle

Coffee anyone?

THEANIMALS™ Founder and CEO Jo gets the Linda Jeffereys makeup treatment

A treat for Rosie

Lucy before

Lucy during

Lucy after

Some last minute styling adjustments for Kate

A quick touch-up for Daria

Mason’s turn on-set

A kiss for Saffron and her perfect pom-poms




Photographer: Georges Antoni @georgesantoni

Hair: Daren Borthwick @darenborthwick

Make-up: Linda Jeffereyes @lindajefferyesmakeup

Stylist: Sarah Starkey @_sarahstarkey_

Production and talent: Camille Peck @theartistgroup

Strategy and communications: Tracy Baker @tracybakerbrand

Creative direction: Paul Meany @meany_paul

Dog grooming Fido & Fido @fidoandfido

Dog concierge Fido & Fido @fidoandfido