The bond between animals and their humans has existed through the ages. For centuries dogs and humans have been the closest of partners, enhancing each other’s lives and looks!

In this decade, humans have really ramped it up, to the stage where our animals are an extension of how we communicate our sense of style, connection and playfulness with those around us.

So the question is, have you ever tried having matching dog and owner outfits when going out for a stroll in the park? Who says you can’t look fashionable doing normal human activities with your pet!

Break the barrier and read our 5 fun and exciting tips you can take away to create lovely memories with your best friend:

1. Identify a unique style suited to your personality

Picture this: strutting through the park with your four-legged friend, both in stunning outfits that speak volumes about who you are. Whether you're a fashionista or a casual-wear fanatic, there's an unparalleled joy in matching your pet's attire to your own.

Are you both energetic and wild? Select eccentric luxury pet accessories that will accentuate that! Or maybe you guys are more of a cool, brooding, quiet type. Go for leather! Identifying the shared personality between your pet and yourself is the first step when considering matching dog and owner outfits.

Honestly, why should humans have all the fashion fun? We believe this practice will not only help you and your pet look good, but it will take the bond that you have to another level!

2. Consider their overall look/style with yours

Just because you like something doesn’t mean that you should do it…

Let us break it down for you.

Similar to how there is a trend in fashion, there are also trends in PET fashion. Just because something is trending does not mean that it naturally suits you or your pet.

We encourage you to look at the overall picture of your fit from the lens of a fashion designer. Well, not to that extent but just a few things to consider:

Is there a balance?
Consider the shapes and sizes of your pet’s apparel.  Maybe the shirt is a little tight compared to the amount of fur it has. Look for well balanced apparel that will help your pet look more beautiful!

Does the outfit make sense?
So you have chosen the perfect, sleek leather collar that makes your pet look like danger is its middle name. But then you decide that, “I think this bright pink bow tie will show that it is a sensitive dog!”

We commend you for identifying the dual personalities of your pet as that was the first tip we gave you. However, a pink bow tie will completely eliminate the effect of the cool leather collar!

This brings us to the next point:

3. Colour palette

If you know what colours suit your skin tone, it is now the time for you to consider your pet’s fur tone if you want to have matching dog and owner outfits!

A rule of thumb is that black or white always looks good on all species, human or animal. Those are safe colours that you can stick to when choosing luxury pet accessories too. Colours outside of these two are relatively tricky as just like humans, all dogs have slightly different coloured fur.

Your safest bet if you want to be colourful is to choose from the similar shade of your dog’s fur. If it is a light brown, try to experiment within those ranges of brown shades.

4. Choose comfort first

This is a really important tip that you MUST consider.

Looking nice is good. Feeling nice is better…

Let’s be honest, having the matching dog and owner outfits was most likely your idea, not your dog. If that is the case, you should try to cater to your pet’s needs. Is the accessory too heavy or rough on the skin? Will a hoodie be too hot on a summer’s day or a tank top too cold for a winter stroll?

The same applies for you too! We do not want you to be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. We believe that what makes you feel good will translate to your character and appearance!

5. Be bold

Please note that these are TIPS, NOT RULES!

Fashion is all about expression and experimentation. We want you to have fun with your pet during the process. Make beautiful memories and deepen the bond while you make creative decisions!

So, have you ever dared to coordinate apparel with your pup? It's time to unleash your creativity and explore how fashion can deepen the bond between you and your loyal companion!

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